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Founded in 1997, in 2014 BLOC set out to build a team that would serve as a catalyst to the growing light commercial, custom home, and residential remodeling markets throughout central Texas.


For over two decades BLOC’s core team has worked in construction markets and with partners throughout the globe. The team has come to recognize the strengths and traditions of construction methods from various cultures around the world.  So when the BLOC’s founders set out to launch services in central Texas the first goal was to bring together a team that would have a shared vision of these strengths and traditions. BLOC did not want to build itself as just another construction company steeped in typical contractor mentalities and approaches. The BLOC team wanted to build a client–centered organization that would be a recognized market leader that combines best-in-class quality, construction know-how, professionalism, 21st-century technology, and unmatched client satisfaction.



Where American ingenuity meets a sense of Italian prejudiced craftsmanship, a mentality of German commanded engineering, and a discerning inspiration of Brazilian fashioned trepidations for the environment.

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