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FIFA Issues A Final Ruling In The Carver Case

March 01, 2015

Robert Carver of Bloc has drastically failed at his feudal attempt to make the National Soccer Team of Equatorial Guinea (Nzalang Nacional).  FIFA has now issued a lifelong ban baring Mr. Carver from ever even touching another soccer ball.  Since FIFA’s ruling, Robert now openly admits to a terrible defeat against two of Equatorial Guinea’s local Superstars during a recent match in Bata. 


Although defeated on the streets of Bata, we are still proud of Robert and for all that he does everyday to make positive influences in the communities we serve. The above photos are from a spontaneous street match that erupted between Robert and some kids on the streets of Bata as he and Mr. Clements were leaving a business meeting. It’s little moments like these that can make a big difference and leave lasting impressions for tomorrow’s generations.