Construction Manager (CM)

As the CM, Bloc acts as the true representative of the project owner or developer.  Projects may have multiple general contractors, a single prime general contractor, or merely a multiple number of specific subcontractors.  In any case, Bloc’s CM team can step-in at the planning, design, or construction phase of a project in order to guide and assist the owner through the completion of the project.  Bloc can act on behalf of the owner to be the lead coordinator and point of contact for the architects, engineers, contractors, and other involved trades.


In most cases, when Bloc acts as the CM all trades involved in the project are contracted directly with the owner and most of the risk factors are directly, rather than indirectly, shifted to the owner.  By eliminating the general contractor’s risk premiums, and overall project markup, the owner can realize tremendous project cost savings.  However, without a good, quality experienced CM that can properly coordinate and manage all contractors on the project the savings can quickly turn into losses.  Bloc CM’s have the experience, industry knowledge, and leadership abilities to help bring your project in on-time and within budget.


Integrated Project Delivery Manager (IPDM)

As the IPDM, Bloc acts on behalf of the owner to coordinate multi-party project agreements among the prime parties involved in the total project design and construction process.  In a true Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) arrangement, most of the key trades are qualified and brought together in the early phase of a project to assist from the design through construction of the project. The advantages of this team-based approach are to integrate trade representatives, technical systems, business models, and general construction practices into a single collaborative platform in order exploit the talents and insights of all participants, mitigate waste and enhance efficiency through all phases of design and construction.


Proactive Project Consultant (PPC)

Our team works in conjunction with general contractors to offer a third party analysis and overview of projects. Through our PPC services we work on behalf of owners, general contractors, subcontractors, or other parties that may have interest in a project.  Our PPC team takes a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach towards projects in order to identify potential issues that could lead to problems unforeseen by the parties involved.  By having a third party overview we are able to see projects from a macro standpoint and proactively identify potential micro issues before they are become macro project impact factors.