Clements Elite Travel Lounges


Road travelers with more upscale taste and sophistication who desire healthy food options, a more secure environment, and who normally demand a higher sense customer service then the average traveler have little options but to feel they are sacrificing throughout the whole roadside traveling experience.


It is for this market segment that the concept for the Clements’ Elite Travel Lounges was born.  The CETL concept brings together an upscale roadside facility that emphasizes extraordinary guest care in an environment combines upscale with a nostalgic feel. CETL facilities are boutique sized facilities designed to cater to a limited number of guests who are accustomed to commanding a certain level of service in their everyday lives. Price points at our facilities will be above market norms; but, clients will have options such as valet fueling, full service fueling, alternative fuel refiling/charging ports, healthy food menus, and internet & printing lounges. 



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