Project Dispute Resolution Coordinator (PDRC)

The complexity of today’s construction environment has led to a tremendous rise in subcontractors and general contractors being terminated from on-going projects.  As a Project Dispute Resolution Coordinator (PDRC), Bloc is able to step in on behalf of the owner, bonding company, lender, or equity investor to pick up the pieces and coordinate a successful completion of the troubled project. 


Rapid Response Team (RRT)

We understand the importance of reaching a quick resolution of a dispute and getting projects back on tract when issues occur. By using our “Whatever-It-Takes, Get-It-Done” (WIT-GID) approach, Bloc’s Rapid Response Team can quickly coordinate and deploy construction assets needed to get critical time sensitive projects back on schedule. 


Professional Construction Mediator (PCM)

Most any attorney will tell you that construction cases are the most complicated and document-intensive of cases. Just as there is no substitute for an experienced construction attorney, there is no substitute for an experienced construction mediator.  Construction dispute cases should not be treated like any other type of case.


With the volume of documents and dynamics in legal cases involving construction project disputes, it is easy for the opposing parties to get bogged down on minute technical issues and lose focus of the basic fundamental issues. Our mediation team’s number one goal is to help bring clarity and maintain focus on quickly finding solutions to the the issues at hand. Our mediation team understands the different perspectives that contractors, owners and other involved parties bring to the table.  

The contractor will often have an emotional attachment to the issues because its or its owner’s reputation is at stake. Employees of the contractor, the architect, the engineers, and subcontractors are likely out to prove their innocence as their careers may actually depend upon being able to shift the blame to another party. In contrast, the owner likely just wants to have a “lien-free” project completed and not be liable for more than his original contract.  


Construction disputes can be complex in nature with many inter-connected issues to resolve. Non-specialized mediators mediate a wide array of disputes.  Many times construction disputes are viewed by mediators as simple contract disputes, that construction contract disputes and marriage contract disputes are viewed much the same.  


Just as one would not seek advice from a general lawyer for complicated IRS tax law matters (instead opting for a specialized tax attorney), having a mediation team that specifically specializes in construction issues and who is familiar with the complexity of technical and cost issues associated with construction projects is likely to create a better outcome for all parties. If a mediator does not have the background and understanding of the technicalities and principals of construction, it can be virtually impossible for him or her to make an accurate assessment of the facts and each opposing party’s position.