Eduardo  Martinez, Chief Development Officer

Eduardo Martinez has spent over twenty-five years working in all aspects of government affairs in the United States and building a national network of political and business relationships with community leaders, government officials and the business community. Today Mr. Martinez assists companies and private interests with identifying and winning commercial opportunities in the federal, state and local government sectors, providing strategy and communications-related services for clients seeking governmental or public approvals for a wide range of projects and issues across the country.


Many of Mr. Martinez’s successful projects are broadly recognized as blueprints for the success of the Public Private Partnership model for delivery of key infrastructure — projects characterized by pressing need, the sensitivity of the public perception and the high degree of public input, i.e., the first public-private military housing project for the USAF, the first strictly revenue-based municipal convention hotel development, the first privatized delivery of public schools in Texas via the design-build-finance  delivery method, and the development of location-sensitive projects like jails and detention centers in urban centers or historic communities. Mr. Martinez’s coalition-building skills include performing political outreach and crafting communications strategies that create the necessary seedbed for innovative and successful public private projects. This unique combination of experience and knowledge of public sector functional processes has led to Mr. Martinez providing quality business management consulting services to clients in both the public and private arena, domestically and internationally.