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December 31, 2015 - BLOC announces it has entered into formal relations with Hebel and Xella.


Under the agreement Bloc will bring new distribution opportunities and installation services to the growing Texas market.


Xella Aircrete North America is a division of Germany-based Xella International, which is owned by the private equity firms PAI partners and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. More than 6.000 team members work (FTE as of 31 December 2014) for Xella’s total 97 plants and offices throughout 30 countries worldwide, including North America, Europe and Asia.


Hebel Aerated Concrete provides contractors with strong, easy-to-install blocks and panels that are one-third the weight of traditional concrete and replace traditional multi-step construction processes. In addition, Hebel is energy efficient, fire resistant and long lasting, which, over time, will reduce energy, insurance and maintenance costs to building owners. A wide range of industries can benefit from Hebel’s custom blocks and panels, including those in the commercial, educational, hospitality, industrial, institutional, governmental and residential markets.


Before you start your next project we urge you to contact BLOC to explore the benefits of hebel systems.