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Three New Exclusive “Super Awesome” Construction Programs For Investors. 


BLOC continues to expand operations throughout central Texas. We are the new leader in central Texas for commercial and residential construction services. Our core operational model is based on a Transparent Cost Plus (TC+) contracting method.  No Games, No backend funny business with subs & suppliers, No change order bait & switching……you see what our costs are, you see what we earn, we work for and serve you. 





                                              Free At Last

                                              We will do one project AT COST for each of the first four qualified investors who enter into                                                 construction contracts with BLOC during the month of April 2016. Each project is limited to                                                 $100K in construction costs.  Current and former clients are not eligible.




                                              Flipping Out

                                              For qualified investors who are doing flips, we will rehab or remodel your project at cost and                                               waive our job profits until you close on the resale.  This program is valid for all projects that                                                 are contracted by June 15, 2016.





                                              Go Presale It On The Mountain

                                              For qualified investors who are interested in doing new presales, we will assist you in doing                                               a presale campaign for a property that you currently own or that you can “tie-up.” We will                                                   then waive our job profits until the close of the buyer’s permanent loan. This program is                                                       valid for all projects that are contracted by August 31, 2016.




Charles D.Clements 

For more email me at

Ofc. 512.596.1855

Cell 361.571.7473



As with anything, certain restrictions, qualifications, and limits apply.