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From dream to move-in, Bloc’s residential team acts as a true representative of the homeowner. Do you have the expertise to know:

  • If your contractor used the windows with the higher NRFC ratings that you were charged for?

  • If your contrcator actually installed the tempered glass windows you specified for the kids' rooms?

  • If the framer used #3, #2 N-D, or # 2 Prime grade lumber in your walls?

  • If using light gage steel is a beneficial option for your new home ?

  • If using 18 or 22 gage framing makes a difference?

  • If the drywaller used 3/8, 1/2, or 5/8 sheetrock throughout your new home?

  • If Mold Board or Greenboard was installed in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room of your new home?   

  • If the electrician ran 14 or 12 gage wiring through your kitchen walls?

  • If your slab was formed with 2,500 or 3,500 PSI concrete?


Did you chose your architect and builder solely on the recommendation of a realtor?


Did you conduct a full industry background check on your architect and builder?


Do you have the time to "stay-on-top" of your contractor? 


Who is actually looking after your best interest?     


With decades of industry experience, Bloc’s residential team can step-in at the planning, design, or construction phase to turn your dream into a reality. 

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