Construction Audit & Assessment Team (CAAT)

Audit is defined as an all-encompassing scope of the construction process from solicitation of bids to final payment, not just to look for cost recoveries or overbillings, but also to provide process improvement recommendations for the project management team.


Okay, you’ve decided on your new project, selected a good contractor and signed a construction contract. Now who is looking after your best interests?    


     * The general contractor who is trying to squeeze every dollar of profit from the              

        subcontractors, suppliers, and his general conditions back into his pocket?

     * The bank examiner that periodically shows up to make sure the bank doesn’t get over-

        extended based on the status of the project?

     * The OSHA inspector who only gets around to inspecting a small percent of all

        construction job sites?

     * The bonding company that is more concerned with keeping track of the net worth of the               general contractor then his performance on your job?


This is where we step in and have our CAAT’s represent your best interests. We offer spot inspections, audits, and assessments that assist in helping assure that the project contract and subcontracts are being adhered to by all parties. Our CAAT members are familiar with the areas that are likely to be problematic on projects, including areas that could expose the owner to liability, financial losses, and public relations risks.   Unlike other parties that may be involved in the project, our CAATs takes a purely 100% pre-empted holistic approach, rather than a reactive approach, to look at your project. 


Preconstruction Auditor (PA)

Sometimes the factors that may affect the success of a project in one region or market may not be the same as in others.  Just as all projects and general contractors aren’t the same, neither are all regional and market conditions that may adversely affect your project. Our preconstruction auditing team can assist you and/or your architect in identifying potential issues that may arise with projects in particular regions by scrutinizing local market conditions and forecasts.  By being aware of the potential “road bumps” and “speed traps” that might lie ahead, we can assist in finding mitigating solutions even before construction starts.  


In addition, we can assist your company in qualifying architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.  Our due diligences go well beyond a DNB search, or BBB search, and a couple of phone calls to the contractor’s “self-supplied” references.  


General Project Auditor (GPA)

In addition to overall project auditing, Bloc also acts as a General Project Auditor whereby we perform concentrated reviews and analysis in areas concerning:

* Productivity Inefficiencies

* Delay Allocations

* Trade Performance Assessments

* Scheduling Deficiencies

* Damage Calculations

* True LD impact Analysis